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Monthly resources: graphics, social media calendar + support for Chiropractic Assistants

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 The average person spent two hours & 27 minutes a day on social media in 2022.

(Source: Statista)

What if you showed up for them, offering natural solutions to the biggest health challenges they face?


Not sure how to do that?

Let us show your office how to...

  • Post consistently & efficiently
  • Stop wasting time! Get a plan & strategy
  • Reactivate & educate current practice members
  • Learn how to find ideal new patients
  • Train your team & new team members on social strategy
I'm ready to post consistently!

I'm here to tell you that empowering your Chiropractic Assistant is the 

quickest, most profitable way

to use social media to educate & convert followers into practice members! 

Maybe your CA isn't sure where to start. You really don't have consistency, strategy or TIME (or a full-time graphic designer!) I've got your back!

Step 1: Join Adjust Your Social Strategy membership.

Step 2: Create content easily.

Step 3: Post it efficiently.

Step 4: Reach new patients & educate current patients. 

Step 5: Grow your connections & impact.


How AYM helped this chiro double her numbers...



Truths About In-House Content Creation

Pro: Cost-Effective

Delegating to a knowledgeable social media manager will cost thousands more.

Pro: Streamlined

Photos/videos can be posted straight from your device without going through a 3rd party.

Pro: Efficient

All you really need is a brief monthly team meeting to set deadlines & give assignments.

Pro: Flexible

Snow day? Inspired idea? Quickly swap posts or add one on the fly, versus waiting for a social media manager.

Pro: Personalized

Your team knows your office stories, connections, and community by heart! Your content will be FULL of your office personality.


 Con: It takes time.

With the membership tools, your team needs an estimated 3+ hrs weekly to create content & manage your social media.

Con: Your CA isn't trained in graphic design or marketing.

BUT With 800+ memes in the membership, no one has to design content! The strategy calendars outline what to post as well. 

Con: You have to follow through.

We have accountability challenges & support - you still have to commit to making community impact online a PRIORITY, versus a dedicated social media manager who makes this happen. 

Con: You have to get photos & video.

This is a constant whether you create in-house or not. Bring in a photographer quarterly and plan days to batch film videos.

Hey, I'm Jenna Quentin!

As a social media strategist, I founded Adjust Your Media, where I’ve coached hundreds of chiropractors online to use organic social media & content marketing to change the health of the world. For DCs who want to delegate, I manage their accounts with organic content & connection.

After freelance writing for 15 years, I now work exclusively with chiropractors.

My heart for chiropractic has grown from personal experiences of how it has helped my family. I’m a firefighter wife & hippy mom of 4.

I'm passionate about sharing the message of health from the inside out with the world. I want my children to grow up in a generation that considers chiropractic as regular wellness care.

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Adjust Your Social Strategy Membership

Group Coaching Calls

Learn specific skills, get account audits, Q&A time.

Strategy Calendars

Done-for-you strategy! Never wonder what to post again. Also get caption templates & hashtags to go with them!

Chiro Graphics

Memes, quotes, holidays, engaging questions. A giant ready-to-post library + Canva  templates you can modify!

Learning Module 1: Create

Photos and Graphics and Videos, Oh My!

3 Secrets to Writing Captions

Timesaving Scheduling

Learning Module 2: Adjust

Refining with Insights

Repurposing Methods

Harnessing Hashtags

Learning Module 3: Connect

Your Perspective & Mindset

Give to Get: Engagement

Followers to Patients

Katy Hilton, Director of Client Development 

Winner’s Edge Chiropractic Consulting 

"Accountability has resulted in us staying active & our engagement staying up because of what we learned & achieved with your coaching."

  • Streamlining an effective plan for posts.
  • Ideas for posts that I didn't think of before.
  • You were up to date on trends in apps & posts.
  • Our engagement has increased because of your recommendations.
  • Our social media looks organized & "pretty."
  • Coaching held me accountable to stay on top of social media goals.

Ollie, Chiropractic Assistant

"I feel like I’ve really learned a lot. Every once in a while, I’m like, ‘Guess what! I finally figured out how to do this simple thing! And it’s not as hard as I thought it was.’ 

The way that you break it down - I couldn’t have figured that out and now it makes sense! Overall, we’ve gotten more content and visibility."


Improve Your Social Media Presence NOW

"Keep overhead low," was hammered into your brain. "Educate the public" was your battle cry. You probably learned the value of sending newsletters (on colored paper!)

So you've been trying to post on social media yourself, without really knowing what to post or if it's working. Leaving you frustrated and ready to quit.

But your mentors were right. There are efficient, cost-effective ways to use content to educate and inspire people!

In this membership, you get all the ingredients to back the cake yourself. MONTHLY strategy, (like I make for my 1:1 management clients) as well as COACHING CALLS with me! (value of $249 alone) The core content to train as many team members as you want is a value of $599 alone.

Here's why I'm including all of this...

You & your team know your audience so well. I'll do the brainstorming to save you TIME & ENERGY. But you can post your photos, tag & interact with your community. 

As the value of this membership increases with content, the price will increase too! 


Get the support,  strategy, and tools your team deserves!

Yes, sign me up!


Community - Priceless

Private Facebook group to get support and get questions answered! I also have fun monthly accountability challenges where you can earn cool chiro PRIZES!

Add Your Team - Value: Priceless

Your chiropractic assistants or family members can join the Facebook group at no extra charge & access the membership through the mobile Kajabi app.

Canva Carousel Graphic Tutorial - 

You can create graphics that are...scroll-stopping, personalized & algorithm-friendly on this free app. 30-minute video & worksheet.

Interviews with Chiros & Experts -  

  • Everything you've wanted to ask...a YouTube expert, a branding /graphic designer, a photographer.
  • Real-life insights from chiropractors who are crushing it. 

InShot video editing app Tutorial - 

Create short-form video on your phone like a pro, without the glitches of Instagram!




  • 3 Learning Modules
  • Monthly group coaching call
  • Monthly calendar : Strategy planned for you
  • Caption templates & hashtags
  • Graphics as pngs & Canva templates
Yes, I'm ready to join!

Dr. Bethany Curnow

"I highly recommend Adjust Your Media to any chiropractor looking to elevate their social media brand and presence to the next level! Jenna brings together ideas, content, hashtags, graphics and themes in a brilliant and organized way, with her absolute passion for chiropractic as a bonus that is evident in all that she does."

Dr. Christopher Winans

"I now use Jenna's online training in our practice and we're getting a lot more online attention from people who have never visited our page before."



Dr. Jo Nell Shaw

"Jenna and Adjust your media have had great tips and tricks for managing your social media on your own, seeing when you need help, all while keeping it geared towards chiropractors without being slimy. I keep watching videos and emails because it makes me feel like I can do it!"



Are you ready to change more lives? 

Ok, let's do this!